Eleanor Crewes is a London based illustrator, she graduated from Illustration at UAL in 2016. Her debut graphic novel The Times I Knew I Was Gay was released in April 2018 and has already taken her to exhibit at Toronto Comic Arts Festival and receive review from websites like The Quietus and Broken Frontier. She specialises in graphic storytelling and enjoys mixing autobiography into her projects wherever she can. 

Eleanor will be a guest at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival this October. 


If you have an idea you'd like to throw my way please don't hesitate to contact me on eleanorcrewesillustration@gmail.com

Keeping in touch!

Mailing list to come soon. Watch this space xoxo


I work almost every day on making artwork - illustrations, storyboards, writing scripts - but most of that stuff isn’t able to go online because it’s all work in progress and top secret. But I’ve decided that it would be really cool to share that side of my practice with people! So I’ve set up a Patreon account.
Patreon is a way for me to share the work I make everyday that doesn’t make it onto Instagram. If you like what I do and want to know what I get up to on the daily grind then you can subscribe to my Patreon account and get a monthly lowdown of all the behind the scenes goodies!


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