Broken Frontier Awards 2018 Nominee - "Best One-Shot" and "Best Newcomer"

“Eleanor Crewes totally blew me away. The art is evocative and the story is authentic and hilarious. As a gay woman I’m constantly looking for content that feels true to my own experiences, that helps me understand myself more - in this book, I found that.” - Tillie Walden, Author of 'Spinning'

"Navigating one’s own relation to the world has never been simple, but Crewes’ deftly drawn lines don’t divide her from the norm, they place her lovingly within its problematic embrace." - Jenny Robins, The Quietus

"a really poignant look at the fuzziness and confusions of queer life. It was beautiful" - Ruby Tandoh, Author of 'Eat Up!'

“Ellie Crewes' honesty should be applauded in quietly and succinctly challenging a social obsession with trying to fit people's sexual identities into restrictive categories.” - Nicola Streeten, Author of The Inking Woman, Billy, Me & You

“This fuller-length The Times I Knew I Was Gay surpasses expectations, with Crewes providing a coming-of-age style account of coming out that is witty, poignant and beautifully observed...Undoubtedly set to be one of the year’s most talked about UK small press offerings” - Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

The Times I Knew I Was Gay is published in the UK by Good Comics

Cover for the 2018 graphic novel.

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